New York’s tranquil sunrise may be a misleading image of how things are today.

At 4 AM on June 23, one young man took a video as another lit the firecracker that, a moment later, he threw at the man sleeping by the corner of the building. The video, released yesterday, shows the man being engulfed in the explosion. (Credit The NY Daily News Yossi Gestetner. )

The Second Battle of Bull Run, August 28–30, 1862–15,000 Union troops died in two days, and the Confederacy wond a decisive victory. Hiram Terwilliger fought valiantly and (barely) survived.
Outside my windows: A dormant Catholic Church and its Tenants: a vacant Parochial and empty Charter School.

Carla Stockton

Carla Stockton is aging as gracefully as possible in Harlem, NY

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